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Summer ice-cream cupcakes: Elderflower ice-cream with liquorice marshmallow crème

This is my tribute to Lakrids by Johan Bülow’s latest creation – Summer. Despite being 7 months pregnant and trying to avoid sweets, I simply can’t resist these ones: A core of sweet liquorice coated with elderflower and passion fruit… Continue Reading →

Marzipan cookies with liquorice jelly and white chocolate

These cookies are loosely inspired by the renowned Jaffa Cakes, one of my all-time favourite cookies. I’ve replaced the sponge base with a mixture of marzipan and tart dough, because… well… I can’t resist marzipan. And I bought way too… Continue Reading →

Chocolate dessert bites with peated whisky and pecan nuts

It was easier making this dessert than coming up with an accurate, non-misleading name which would work in more than one country. Truffle and praline are both ambiguous terms even within Europe, so I landed on chocolate dessert bites. I’ll… Continue Reading →

Hot, Christmas spiced soft liquorice caramels

For this Christmas I wanted to combine a couple of my favourite flavours – liquorice and chilli – with traditional Christmas spices, and wrap them together in one of my favourite candies: Soft caramels. I’m talking about the kind that… Continue Reading →

Liquorice “havreflarn” (crispy Christmas oat cookies)

“Havreflarn” is one of the traditional Christmas cookies from my childhood. They are crispy, and taste of caramel and butter. Some claim they are originally a Swedish speciality,  and I’m not one to argue that (even IKEA sells them, a… Continue Reading →

Liquorice sticky toffee pudding

Sticky toffee pudding is one of my favourite autumn desserts. It’s as if filling the kitchen with the smell of warm toffee, and in this case liquorice too, provides an additional barrier against the howling wind outside. Uprooted trees could… Continue Reading →

Honey and liquorice cheesecake with raspberries

Despite standing upside down in wedding preparations – and on top of that struggling with the aftermath of a virus infection, I just have to share this recipe! It’s a straightforward cheesecake made with cream cheese, whipping cream and gelatine, on a more… Continue Reading →

Apricot and ginger flapjacks with white chocolate topping

Being back to work after a long and relaxing summer holiday, I’m reminded that I need to work on some quick solutions for energy refill during the day. The workday of a primary school teacher can be hectic – sometimes… Continue Reading →

Cardamom ice-cream cake with whisky marinated pears and hazelnut crust

The flavour combination in this ice-cream came out far more successful than I had imagined, almost to such a degree that I’m bouncing up and down in excitement as I’m writing this! Of course I had a hunch that the… Continue Reading →

Refreshing summer drink with liquorice, mint and lemon

It feels like such a luxury being able to complain about hot weather, and I’ll probably jinx the rest of the summer by doing so, but this past week has been almost unbearably hot here in Norway! Temperatures above 30… Continue Reading →

I’ve just changed the theme of the blog to make posts more visible on the home page, with a masonry (Pinterest) styled theme. For those interested, the new theme is called Baskerville. Thanks to Anders Norén for making it available for free…. Continue Reading →

10-minute dessert: Fresh summer berries with honey and liquorice yoghurt cream

Greek yoghurt and cream are among the things that I always keep in the fridge. Yoghurt because it makes a quick bite combined with fruits or cereals, and cream – well, that’s for porridge, of course. Oh, and the occasional espresso con… Continue Reading →

Vanilla cherry and liquorice coffee ice-cream cups

What if special agent Dale Cooper wasn’t stuck in the eerie town of Twin Peaks back in the late eighties, but instead was sent on a time travel mission to New York, 2014? Would he still have insisted on taking… Continue Reading →

Hamburgers with apple, bacon, red onion marmalade and coleslaw, with barrel aged Scotch ale.

The inspiration for this burger came when I first read about the Brewburger; a food and beer pairing collaboration between Honest Burgers (UK) and Brewdog. I can’t help but being enthusiastic when craft breweries go that extra mile and have… Continue Reading →

Strawberry lime and strawberry mango Italian meringue frozen yoghurt cups

These ice-cream cups bring together the best from two worlds; the compact format and the style of combining flavours from the world of cupcakes, and the refreshing, frozen lightness from the ice-cream universe. Made with fresh fruits and light Italian… Continue Reading →

Blueberry yoghurt sherbet

The chain of events that lead to the creation of this recipe is a curious one: The A and Z-version of the story is that there are too many Game of Thrones fans in Norway, and I simply love blueberries…. Continue Reading →

40 clove garlic pasta

I have to start by saying, this is not as bad as it sounds! Despite the humongous amount of garlic this recipe calls for (two full bulbs, to give an estimate), you’re left with a pleasant, mellow aftertaste of caramelized… Continue Reading →

Liquorice ice-cream with liquorice fudge (egg-free)

Custard based ice-cream is often considered to be the most luxurious ice-cream there is, and I must admit I have a particular weakness for plain vanilla frozen custard with its round and mellow egg flavour. For the orange-lemon-ginger ice-cream I posted… Continue Reading →

Soft liquorice fudge

Fudge is one of those things that I’m almost compulsive about buying when travelling abroad. Proper, home-made fudge, that is. Passing those small fudge shops that they’ve so strategically placed along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, for instance, is a hopeless… Continue Reading →

Orange and lemon ice-cream with candied ginger and dark chocolate

For a true ice-cream lover there is no such thing as ice-cream season. Ice-cream love is the kind of love that transcends all space and time, although I’m sure Lenny Kravitz didn’t actually have ice-cream in mind when he wrote those words…. Continue Reading →

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